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April 2024 Appeal

"I was in grade six when I first watched Terry Fox on television. He was a Canadian athlete, humanitarian, and young man who, at the age of 18, lost his leg to cancer. His dream was to run across Canada, one marathon a day, to pursue his dream of finding a cure for cancer. With fierce determination and hope, Terry completed an average of 42 km a day for nearly 150 days and ran more than 5,000 km. Terry named his journey the “Marathon of Hope.”

I remember the news coverage of Terry running along the side of the highway, sometimes where the terrain was flat, and other times seeing rolling hills or sharp drop-offs at the edge of the road where Terry visibly struggled but refused to give up. Terry completed the impossible, running across six provinces from St. John’s, Newfoundland, to Thunder Bay, Ontario. The cancer spread to his lungs, and before his death on June 28, 1981, Terry’s relentless pursuit to raise awareness and funds for cancer research inspired great hope in others, and his legacy continues today, 43 years later. (

At the Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre, our team of compassionate staff and volunteers run a marathon of hope with individuals and families on a daily basis, too. Some clients have lost hope due to difficult circumstances such as a past abortion, an unexpected pregnancy, or a relationship that has caused pain and trauma. During our time together, we have the privilege of helping restore hope, especially when the terrain is rough, and the battle is uphill.

As a donor and supporter of our mission to equip and empower these individuals and families, you have joined us in running this marathon of hope together. Your financial support positively impacts clients, their children, and future generations. We can’t run this marathon without you and your generosity. We never want to stop being there for the individuals and families who need to know they are not alone. With your ongoing support, we will continue our relentless pursuit of bringing hope to those who need it!"

Thank you for your generosity. We welcome online donations at, or by E-transfers to Thank you in advance for adapting with us in our efforts to save money and invest more into our client programs and services.

Baby Bottle Campaign

May 12 - June 16, 2024

Every year women, men, and families are impacted by the effects of an unexpected pregnancy. The Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre is here to extend grace, provide education, and ongoing, compassionate support before, during, and after pregnancy. Our programs are free, confidential, and are offered in a safe and non-judgmental environment regardless of age, gender, race, or religion.

Did you know that it costs approximately $500 to offer programs such as parenting education or post-abortion support and $1500 for one month for a mom and her child in Phase 2 of the Maternity Home? Every dollar counts and provides much-needed assistance and education to people in our community.

One 'bottle' holds $30, two 'bottles' holds $60, and three 'bottles' holds $90. How many 'bottles' can you help fill?

Join us on May 25, 2024, for our second annual Ladies' Afternoon Tea at CrossRoads Church Chapel. Revel in an afternoon filled with tasteful tea, delectable pastries, and inspiration as we raise funds to support the CAPCC Maternity Home, The Aerie. This event is open to anyone 12 years or older. Registration for the event is NOW OPEN!

2024 Upcoming Events

Baby Bottle Campaign: May 12 - June 16, 2024

Ladies’ Afternoon Tea: May 25, 2024

Red Deer Fall Banquet - October 24, 2024

Annual General Meeting - November 25, 2024

Rocky Mountain House Dessert Evening - December 5, 2024

Olds Update

We said goodbye to our Olds location in March as they became an independent non-profit organization under the new name,“Olds and Area Pregnancy Support Centre.” We wish the new Olds board and the team of staff and volunteers the best as they provide pregnancy-related support to the Olds community. If you are interested in learning more about the new Olds centre, contact them at or by calling 587.796.1611.

Ways to Donate:

Items: Journals, diapers (size 3-5), baby wipes, baby wash, diaper cream, gift cards (Costco, Superstore, and Walmart).

Volunteer: Give the gift of your time. Discover opportunities at

Online: Did you know you can give one-time gifts and schedule monthly giving online? Visit




Thank you for your continued love and generosity.

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