Maternity Home

"The people at CAPCC have been there for the hardest time of my life and I’m so grateful for them being here for me!"


Maternity Home

A nurturing home, supporting healthy pregnancy and positive parenting.

The Aerie is a two phase maternity home program for pregnant teens and young women offering a nurturing home, supporting healthy pregnancy and positive parenting. The Aerie, which is staffed 24/7, has the capacity for up to 11 women and their infants. Residents who meet the eligibility criteria enter Phase 1 of the program during their pregnancy and move into Phase 2 when their infant is approximately 6 months of age. Phase 2 residents who continue to meet program outcomes are invited to stay until their child is approximately 2 years of age.  While in Phase 2, clients will continue to pursue education and/or employment pursuits while continuing to strengthen their parenting and life skills.


Wish List:

  • 7 sets of patio furniture – something heavy and solid, can be chained to patio and not easily moved

  • 1 sleeper sofa or futon

  • Shelving unit for laundry room

  • Extra-large microfibre dust mop

  • Cool mist humidifiers

  • Carpet cleaner

  • Pillows

  • Waterproof single bed mattress covers

Referral and Resident Requirements:

  • Open to any woman who desires the programs & services of the Maternity Home, priority given to pregnant 14-25 year olds

  • Referral must first be made to the CAPCC; a CAPCC Client Advocate will then make a referral to the Maternity Home Director

  • Financial contribution determined during the intake

  • Preference is given to those who have self-identified that they would benefit from parenting/life skills support and those who are looking to make positive life changes

  • Participation in required programming: prenatal classes, life skills programming, parenting classes

  • Adherence to rules, curfews, etc. of the home


For more information on the home, for referrals, or for volunteer opportunities please contact Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre, at 403-343-1611 or


CAPCC wishes to say THANK YOU to Eagle Builders for being a major sponsor of our Maternity Home, The Aerie.

All services are free* and confidential.

We provide accurate information on all options, we do not provide abortion referrals.

*Maternity Home residents contribute financially to the program fees as they are able.

How to reach us

We can be reached by phone 24 hours a day at 403-343-1619.

You can also email us at during office hours.

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