Maternity Home

"The people at CAPCC have been there for the hardest time of my life and I’m so grateful for them being here for me!"


Maternity Home

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A nurturing home, supporting healthy pregnancy and positive parenting.

The Aerie is a two phase maternity home program located in Red Deer, Alberta, for pregnant teens and young women offering a nurturing home, supporting healthy pregnancy and positive parenting. The Aerie, which is staffed 24/7, has the capacity for up to 11 women and their infants. Residents who meet the eligibility criteria enter Phase 1 of the program during their pregnancy and move into Phase 2 when their infant is approximately 6 months of age. Phase 2 residents who continue to meet program outcomes are invited to stay until their child is approximately 2 years of age.  While in Phase 2, clients will continue to pursue education and/or employment pursuits while continuing to strengthen their parenting and life skills.


Wish List:

  • 7 sets of patio furniture – something heavy and solid, can be chained to patio and not easily moved

  • 1 sleeper sofa or futon

  • Shelving unit for laundry room

  • Extra-large microfibre dust mop

  • Cool mist humidifiers

  • Carpet cleaner

  • Pillows

  • Waterproof single bed mattress covers

Referral and Resident Requirements:

  • Open to any woman who desires the programs & services of the Maternity Home, priority given to pregnant 14-25 year olds

  • Referral must first be made to the CAPCC; a CAPCC Client Advocate will then make a referral to the Maternity Home Director

  • Financial contribution determined during the intake

  • Preference is given to those who have self-identified that they would benefit from parenting/life skills support and those who are looking to make positive life changes

  • Participation in required programming: prenatal classes, life skills programming, parenting classes

  • Adherence to rules, curfews, etc. of the home

  • PLEASE NOTE, the Maternity Home is located in Red Deer


For more information on the home, for referrals, or for volunteer opportunities please contact Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre, at 403-343-1611 or


CAPCC wishes to say THANK YOU to Eagle Builders for being a major sponsor of our Maternity Home, The Aerie.

All services are free* and confidential.

We provide accurate information on all options, we do not provide abortion referrals.

*Maternity Home residents contribute financially to the program fees as they are able.