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Steps to Sexual Health

“I was on the road to destruction … I thank this course from the bottom of my heart and soul!”


Steps to Sexual Health

Steps to Sexual Health is a 10 session module DVD series facilitated by our Client Advocates. It is offered individually in a safe and confidential setting. It is a comprehensive approach for dealing with sexual trauma, sexual abuse, and sexual misuse. This series is aimed at helping women find healing from their past.


Who can benefit?

  • Anyone who feels ‘broken’ in their sexuality

  • Anyone who feels a sense of shame and regret of their sexual history

  • Anyone who has experienced childhood trauma

  • Anyone who has been hurt sexually

  • Anyone who wants to learn what a healthy relationship looks like


To learn more about this program or to book an appointment call us at 403-343-1619 or email


*This information is intended for general education purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical advice.

All programs are free* and confidential.

The CAPCC provides information on all options of pregnancy and is committed to the unconditional acceptance of everyone we serve, regardless of their choices. We are not a medical clinic and do not provide or assist in arranging abortions.

*Maternity Home residents contribute financially to the program fees as they are able.

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