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2023 A Year In Review

Updated: Apr 15

2023 A Year In Review

Each of us has a universal and powerful need: The ability to accept the possibility of something better. Something that sustains us in times of trial and offers us joy and courage. We’re talking about HOPE. Hope allows us to acknowledge and process pain and work toward healing. Hope is the motivation we need to get back up and keep going, even when our current circumstances feel impossible to beat.

In 2023, we celebrated 35 years of operations here in Central Alberta, during which time we’ve had the opportunity to offer helpful programs and practical support to individuals and families throughout the region. This past year, the Olds community approached our board of directors, interested in founding its own nonprofit and registered charity. As you can imagine, this process involves many moving parts, and we expect to complete the project in 2024.

Did you know that hope is contagious? Hope allows us to see the good in others and to recognize their potential. As we put one hopeful foot in front of the other, we can bring others with us! If you and I live a hope-filled life together, we can have a life-changing impact on those around us.

You and I are beacons of hope each time we smile, love, accept and connect with others.

You, our community, have walked with us to help clients build endurance and look ahead. Your support has enabled staff and volunteers to be reservoirs of emotional strength for men, women and families to reassure them that they are not alone. Your prayers, gifts of time, attendance at events, and financial support send a message of HOPE and comfort. Thank you for stepping forward as a community willing to invest in someone facing life-changing circumstances, and thank you for being Beacons of Hope.



"I had no one to talk to and nowhere to turn for help. My self-judgement convinced me that everyone else would judge me and think badly of me. Thankfully, I found the Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre. It was there that I found compassion. I found open arms and kind eyes. People who truly wanted to help."

- CAPCC Client


2024 Upcoming Events

  • Benefit Concert for the Aerie Maternity Home: February 10, 2024

  • Olds Transition Celebration Banquet: March 7, 2024

  • Easter Dramatic Musical: March 21-23, 2024

  • Stettler Banquet: April 11, 2024

  • Baby Bottle Campaign: May 12 to June 16, 2024

  • Ladies Afternoon Tea: May 25, 2024

  • Red Deer Fall Banquet: October 24, 2024

  • Annual General Meeting: November 25, 2024

  • Rocky Mountain House Dessert Evening: December 5, 2024

Thank you to our generous community. You have helped so many lives in need of support and unconditional love.

When you choose to give, one of the best ways to help is to become a monthly donor. Being committed to supporting the work of the CAPCC on a monthly basis helps sustain a solid foundation for a greater impact on the clients we serve.

Three easy ways to donate:




Thank you for your continued love and generosity.

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