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We are in the Right Place – Celebrating 30 years

“I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.” (Psalm 9:1)

What a year it has been! As we enter the Christmas season and begin to look to 2019, it’s with so much thankfulness that I write to you. We just marked our 30th Anniversary with a beautiful night of celebration, reflecting on many incredible stories from the past and casting vision for the future.

Among all the joyful, heart-wrenching stories that were told on that night, one phrase from a client testimony continues to echo through my heart: “I knew I was in the right place.”

These brave words are from a client who has experienced so much hope and healing through our Steps to Sexual Health and Post Abortion Recovery programs.

If you weren’t able to attend our banquet I invite you to watch videos from these powerful stories profoundly shared with us which is now available on our website at

For me, the stories that Kayla and Carrie shared with courage and honesty highlight the reason we exist to serve our community.

Their stories and the experiences of all our clients make clear the vision that we must embrace for the next 30 years: to offer all the support and education that we can to individuals and families impacted by unplanned pregnancy.

Such testimonies convince us that as an organization we are in the right place. And we need to expand our work in the community so that even more lives can be changed.

Our success as an organization over the last 30 years and the triumph in our clients’ lives is thanks to you. What’s true of the past is true for our future: I strongly believe that the next 30 years also depend on you.

As we move toward 2019, I want to encourage you that your giving and support are truly transforming lives. And I want to ask you to be an ambassador for us so that we can transform even more lives.

You can be an Ambassador of Transformation in three unique ways: by Knowing, Sharing and by Getting Involved.

The more you know about our work and the more you share it, the more people will get involved so that we can continue to support our community. Can you imagine the impact we would make if every man, woman and family in Central Alberta had access to the services of the CAPCC?

That’s what our vision is set upon for the next 30 years. We want to help and support even more people so that stories of transformation like the ones we heard from Kayla and Carrie are multiplied.

One thing that’s very clear from their stories is that “they never knew” that they belonged or that there was an organization like CAPCC that could help them.

“My biggest hope was that I was going to have the best chance possible at being a good mother and learning the skills and resources I was never taught growing up. I wanted to build confidence in my skill as a mom.” ~Kayla, thankful Maternity Home Client

Thanks to your generous support, we raised over $92,000 at our 30th Anniversary celebration. If you were unable to attend, you can give online to help us surpass our $120,000 goal so that we can continue to provide our vital services to our community.

Access to the support and education they need, regardless of what they choose to do, is what so many people in Central Alberta require. 

Will you be their ambassador in one of these three important ways to help them receive the life-changing help they need?

We give thanks to God with all our hearts for the wonderful deeds has done and will continue to do through you.

In His Service,

Anne Waddell

Executive Director


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