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Newsletter/Appeal June 2019

For a time such as this…When a women's right to their reproductive choices are being debated, and Pregnancy Care Centres under attack, the support, education, and referrals that your contributions help provide to women and families impacted by an unplanned pregnancy is crucial. Would you agree that women and their families have the right to access accurate information to make well informed choices and to be loved unconditionally? As the debate continues, the work must go on. We need to reach more women and more communities.

Client Testimony

“My life is different today because now I realize how much help and support is out there for me. Before I came in, I felt alone.”

- CAPCC Client.

A NEW START// A young lady came to the Centre after learning she was pregnant. She had previously experienced an abortion and had gone through a lot of sexual trauma in her life that she had blamed herself for. She came to the CAPCC seeking support as a soon-to-be single mother.

Her client advocate was able to walk with her through her pregnancy, helping with maternity clothes, prenatal teaching, and general support.

After the birth of her baby she took the Steps to Sexual Health Program to begin to heal from her experiences. She has since learned her own value and worth and made a commitment to abstinence. She has received further education and is working at bettering her life for herself and her daughter.


The Maternity Home has been a busy place so far this year. We are so pleased to celebrate the success of a resident moving on from our program, having completed her college education and obtaining employment in her chosen field.

Of our 11 residents this year, we welcomed four new babies, saw two residents complete their GED, two residents complete their first semesters at college, one resident working hard on highschool upgrading, celebrated three first birthdays, one second birthday, and have had six of our residents in our program for one year or longer.

We celebrate the big successes but also the "little ones" like daily sobriety, healthy choices, safety and security, and the building of community.


A Call to Action


Some of you are called to pray, some to give of your time, and some to give financially. We trust you will give as your means allow. Be a part of the critical need to provide accurate information for women facing an unplanned pregnancy to make well informed choices. We need your gifts for a time such as this!

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