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Suggested Donation $1500 - Cost for 1 month in Phase 2. This suggested donation of $1500 is the equivilent to the cost to have a mother and her child in Phase 2 of our Maternity Home.


Phase 2 of The Aerie has the capacity for 7 women and their infants. In this phase, they have their own apartments while still being able to access support staff day and night. Residents who meet the eligibility criteria enter phase 1 of the program during their pregnancy and move into phase 2 when their infant is approximately 6 months of age. Phase 2 residents who continue to meet program outcomes are invited to stay until their child is approximately 2 years of age. While in phase 2, clients will pursue education and/or employment pursuits while continuing to strengthen their parenting and life skills.


All donations will go towards the operating funds of the CAPCC.

Suggested Donation $1500

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