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2022 Annual Giving Guide

2022 Annual Giving Guide

“I wasn’t sure where to turn, what people would think, or how I would find my way through. Thank you for your unconditional love and grace”

~CAPCC Client


Annual Giving Guide

The vision of the Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre (CAPCC) is to be known and embraced by our community as a Centre that extends grace, provides education, and ongoing, compassionate support before, during, and after pregnancy. Our programs are free*, confidential, and are offered in a safe and non-judgmental environment regardless of age, gender, race, or religion. We have offices in Red Deer, Olds, Rocky Mountain House, Drumheller and Stettler.

Being primarily privately funded, we rely on the generosity of our community to enable us to run our programs throughout Central Alberta at no cost to our clients.

This guide provides examples of how your donation may be used. All gifts are welcome and will go towards the operating funds of the CAPCC. We appreciate any gift amount you choose to give.

* Maternity Home residents contribute financially to the program as they are able as program fees.


“I would like to thank people who give to the Pregnancy Care Centre. Your donations have made it possible for my child and me to have a brighter, safer future.”


1. Pregnancy Options Support

Give access to non-judgmental support

Unexpected pregnancies can mean big changes and decisions for everyone involved. Our trained client advocates help women and men explore their options by providing accurate information on pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

“I loved how helpful and understanding the staff were. I felt safe.”

Suggested gift $50

2. Male Mentorship & 24/7 Dad

Help men gain confidence

  • 24/7 Dad is a parenting program created just for men.

  • Male volunteers offer support to male clients.

“I needed someone to talk to, not just about the pregnancy but about everything. The male mentor was welcoming and open and never made me feel judged in any way.”

Suggested gift $100

3. Prenatal Education

Provide education & support for a healthy pregnancy

  • One-on-one prenatal education using the Brightcourse curriculum

  • Topics include healthy eating, smoking cessation, and labor & delivery.

Suggested gift $150

4. Parenting Education

Open doors to improved parenting

Our Parenting Education program uses the Brightcourse curriculum. This program teaches critical skills for real-life application.

Suggested gift $250

5. Support for past sexual abuse/trauma & post-abortion

Provide healing from past experiences

  • Post Abortion Recovery Education (P.A.R.E.) helps women express and work through the emotions associated with abortion loss.

  • Individuals who have endured sexual trauma, abuse, or misuse may work through a comprehensive approach to dealing with their experiences. This 10- week program aims to help women heal from their past.

“I loved the ladies who worked with me. They understood what I was going through and helped me find healing.”

Suggested gift $500

6. Groceries for one month in Phase 1 of the Maternity Home

Nourish a pregnant or parenting mom

The Aerie Maternity Home is a two-phase program for pregnant teens and young women. It is a nurturing home supporting a healthy pregnancy and positive parenting. Phase 1 has space for four pregnant or parenting women to live together. The women develop a community by preparing meals together and supporting each other as they adjust to becoming parents.

Suggested gift $1000

7. Costs for one month of a mom and her child in Phase 2 of the Maternity Home

Transform the future for a mother and her child

Phase 2 of The Aerie has the capacity for seven women and their infants. In this phase, they each have their own apartment while accessing support staff day and night. Residents who continue to meet program outcomes may stay until their child is up to three years of age. These women will have the opportunity to pursue education and employment while strengthening their parenting and life skills. These include financial literacy, pre-employment skills, and healthy relationships.

Suggested gift $1,500


Thank you to our generous community.

Your gifts allow women, men, and families facing an unexpected pregnancy to access the resources and tools they need to make a well-informed choice.


“The volunteer was a wonderful listener and educator! I appreciated how patient and caring she was and that she gave me some helpful resources."


Three easy ways to donate:




Thank you for your continued love and generosity.

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