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3 Stories of Changed Lives

So many people from different walks of life come through our doors at our three locations in Central Alberta.  While their needs can differ greatly, one thing all our clients have in common is that they need hope and helpful resources.  Here are three quick stories that show how your support is changing lives:

1. A PREGNANCY SCARE// The teen couple came terrified that they were pregnant and worried about how a pregnancy would effect their lives and future goals.  Committed to each other and supportive of each other’s dreams, they weren’t even sure they wanted to be having sex, but started because friends told them “that’s what you do” when you’re seriously dating. As our client advocate listened to their concerns, she shared that abstinence is an option for dating couples.  The couple was relieved to learn they weren’t pregnant and grateful to know there is support and help for people their age.

We're here to help - Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre2. A PAINFUL SECRET// A client came to us because she heard about our Steps to Sexual Health program.  She hoped that learning how to have a healthy sexual relationship might help her marriage.   Her husband has a porn and sex addiction problem, and she didn’t know what to do.  The woman learned that she wasn’t responsible for her partner’s behaviour and therefore can’t “fix” it.  She left the 10-week program knowing that God loves her more than her marriage and now has tools to offer support for her husband when he is ready to receive it.  

3. ENDING A PATTERN OF VIOLENCE // He’s had issues in the past with violence in his relationship with the mother of his children. But the young man desperately wants to be involved in his kids’ lives.  He wants to learn how to be a better man.  Through the 24/7 Dad program and referrals to other supports in the community, this male client is finding new ways to respond appropriately and to control his anger.  He is also beginning to heal from the wounding he experienced at the hands of his own father. Hope that he can change his family tree is growing as he continues in the program and meets with his male mentor.


Help us nurture stories of hope

Spring is here, and it’s a time of year where almost everyone we know is preparing to set aside time to relax, plan a trip away, and to get outside.  The women at our Maternity Home are eager to try their hands at a vegetable garden and enjoy the summer months.

Did you know that the spring and summer seasons are also the quietest time of giving in our calendar year?

As we all prepare to enjoy the summer we want to ask if you’ll give so that we can ensure that our important work of nurturing hope continues through the summer months.

You have so faithfully planted seeds into CAPCC.  Will you continue to support our growth?

Ways to Give


  • Tassimo coffee pods, Diapers (size 3- 5)
  • Baby wipes, Baby wash, Diaper cream,
  • Gift cards (Costco, Superstore, Walmart)


  • Give the gift of your time. Discover opportunities at

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Bow the Knee - CAPCC Easter Production 2018

Thank you for making BOW THE KNEE such a memorable success!

Every year we step out in faith to bring a quality Easter production to our community.  This year we welcomed 1,500 people in our community to see the show.  Thank you to everyone who volunteered and sponsored the event.

With more than 60 volunteers from 20 churches our annual musical production helped to raise close to $81,000 of our $100,000 goal for our Maternity Home.

Upcoming Events

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30th Anniversary Banquet – October 25 – Sheraton Hotel, Red Deer

Rocky Mountain House Dessert Evening – November 29

Olds Annual Banquet – March 7, 2019

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