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Dear Friends of CAPCC,

I am so grateful for your support. Thank you for being part of this important work to walk with women and their families during times of crisis and great uncertainty. In recent months, pregnancy care centres across Canada have faced great scrutiny, with some voices calling for an end of government funding and for charitable status to be removed.

When I received a call from a media outlet last month asking me to respond to a newspaper article strongly opposed to CAPCC, instead of feeling anxious or angry, I embraced the opportunity to share the truth and inform the reporter about the importance of our programs and services. It became an opportunity to highlight how many lives are transformed each year by our work and to share the positive impact we make in our Central Alberta Community.

It’s wonderful to have someone to talk to without judgement. CAPCC has been a great help to me. My life is different today because now I realize how much help and support is out there for me. Before I came in, I felt alone.

Client Testimony

We provide crucial services and care! I am very proud to partner with you. I believe that we will thrive in this season because the Centre:

Is motivated by faith. My faith undergirds everything I do. In fact, my faith motivates me to show up for work every single day. At the Centre, our team considers it an outworking of their faith to serve and walk alongside men, women and their families facing an unplanned pregnancy. Many of our clients do not share our faith but that does not exclude them from receiving care. Women and men of any faith, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation are welcomed at our Centres and are invited to access our services.

Supports choice. We provide confidential, accurate information on the options of parenting, adoption and education on the risks and procedures of abortion, in a non-judgmental environment—free of charge—so that women and their families can make well-informed choices.

Provides high-quality support services. Our trained staff provide skilled, non-judgmental services to women facing unplanned and planned pregnancy, as well as other programs for post-abortive women, first-time fathers, survivors of abuse, and new mothers.

Is necessary in our community. So far in 2017, we have delivered services to 194 individuals. During crisis, women and their families come to our Centre for help. Individuals who feel utterly alone or lost have turned to us and found a community of caring individuals who want to stand with them in a time of need.

I am excited about our future and continuing to provide much-needed support to women and their families.

Next time I write to you will be from our new location.  I look forward to updating you with the details of our Grand Opening!

Our fiscal year ends in August, and we still have so much to accomplish before then. Like most Charitable organizations, due to the economy, we have experienced a decrease in our revenues. Will you help us finish this year strong?  If you’ve been considering giving a donation, now is the time!

Will you give a gift today? Your gift of $75, $100 or more will ensure we continue delivering our crucial programs and services to women and their families.

In His Service,

Anne Waddell
Executive Director