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Suggested Donation $1000 - 1 month groceries for Phase 1 in the Maternity Home. This suggested donation of $1000 is the equivilent cost to provide a mother and her baby in Phase 1 of the Maternity Home to have groceries and supplies for one month.


The Aerie Maternity Home is a two phase maternity home program for pregnant teens and young women and is staffed 24/7. It offers a nurturing home, supporting healthy pregnancy and positive parenting. Phase 1 has the capacity for four pregnant or parenting women to live together. Each resident has their own bedroom and bathroom with a common living space and kitchen. This environment encourages the women to develop a community by preparing meals together and supporting each other as they adjust to becoming parents.


All donations will go towards the operating funds of the CAPCC.

Suggested Donation $1000

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