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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

For Such A Time As This...

CAPCC is committed to serving Real People with Real Circumstances who need Real Support. Thanks to you…WE ARE GROWING!! CAPCC is excited to officially announce further expansion, this time into Drumheller, AB and soon Stettler, AB! This means more women and men facing the difficult circumstances that can surround an unplanned pregnancy will now have somewhere close to home where they can be supported and educated through their decision and beyond. Now they have a place they and their children can thrive before, during, and after this experience. Thanks to you for providing the resources to grow the support to these communities, we will be able to offer more support, education, and unconditional love to individuals in need of a non-judgmental and safe place to learn about their options and gain some decision making tools while discovering a new sense of community. You are having a great impact!

KNOWING HER OPTIONS// Brittany suspected she was pregnant and came to the Centre feeling extremely scared. Her partner was adamant that she have an abortion but she wasn’t sure she wanted the same thing. She told her client advocate that it just wasn't the right time for a baby; that she wanted kids someday but not right now; that she was too young and not financially stable enough....just not ready. Her client advocate led her through her options; adoption, abortion and parenting. She learned about the services and education we provide to help her make a well informed choice. She could see that each choice involved loss and grief and she needed to decide which option she was able to live with best. She received a journal, education on what a healthy relationship looks like, and told her about the Steps to Sexual Health Program so she could take time to think about her options. We don't know yet what her choice will be, but we pray for her and trust God to move in her life because of this experience.

NEW SUPPORT// Saya suffered from an abusive childhood and has no contact with her parents because of it. Her first son was conceived as a result of sexual assault. The supportive father of her second child was tragically killed last year. Saya now finds parenting her children difficult due to depression, and lack of supports and parenting skills. She meets at the CAPCC regularly for the Earn While You Learn parenting program. She picks topics that relate to her and does the worksheets and homework. For every five sessions, she receives a $25 grocery gift card. She is low income, and one of her children has very specific dietary needs making this program feature very helpful. Because of the support she is now receiving, she is beginning to feel more successful as a parent. (All names have been changed for privacy.)

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