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Growing to serve our community

“Continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.” (Colossians 2:6-7)

Every year it surprises me. The drifts of snow, which by the end of February seem to be permanent fixtures—more like concrete than frozen flakes—start to lose their staying power. By March (hopefully), they begin to diminish, and the first signs of Spring appear. The first robin I see on a walk through the trees is a signal that the long months of winter are over. And though it happens every year, the change of the season with its new growth and new life brings joyful surprise.

What a gift God gives in the changing of seasons! The winter was long and challenging but Spring is a time for new possibilities. Spring always reminds us that the perseverance of the winter months were worthwhile and the strength and resilience we’ve built over time will serve us well in the future.

We learn these lessons not only from the changing seasons but from our clients as well. Since I wrote you last, our clients have blessed and amazed us. We hear stories all the time of women, men and families who overcome challenges, bravely endure, and courageously embrace change for the better. And as a result they grow and they thrive.

I’m more independent now that I’m out of my toxic relationship. I feel more safe. Now I’m excited for my son to be born.

~Thankful CAPCC Client

As an organization we’re experiencing many developments as our services expand and we are so grateful that we have your support as we continue to venture forward in our exciting vision to see more lives transformed in our community.

Recent highlights:

We marked our 5 Year Anniversary in Olds and another successful year offering services in Rocky Mountain House.We are expanding into new communities! We’ve been invited by the community of Drumheller to expand our programs and services there and have received strong interest to expand our work in Stettler as well.In Red Deer our Maternity Home is operating at full capacity: 11moms and 11 children currently occupy the home and we have a waiting list.

I’ve said it many times before because it is true: our success in these communities depends on you. In my last letter, I invited you to be an ambassador for CAPCC so that together we can transform even more lives and you’ve truly responded through generosity, sharing our story, and getting involved.

As we press on with the vision to ensure every woman, man and family in Central Alberta has access to our programs and services, we want to continue to invite you to help us achieve this big dream.

As Spring unfolds before you and the once-snowy world comes alive, I hope it inspires you to grow. And I hope it will remind you to join us as we continue to grow to see more lives transformed and hearts healed.

We’ve set a goal to raise $30,000 this April to ensure that we can provide our essential services in Central Alberta. Please go to our website and give today (

With all our exciting growth, we need to grow our resources in order to make our vision a reality and so again we ask for and need your help. 

We invite you to be an Ambassador of Transformation by making a one time donation or committing to be a monthly donor.

In His Service,

Anne Waddell Executive Director

P.S. Don’t miss our 5th Annual Easter Dramatic Musical Production “More Than Just a Man” from April 11-13 at the Red Deer Memorial Centre. Get all the details online at

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