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We are still here

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

We are still here.

COURAGE is the watchword for uncertain times such as this. Showing courage, being willing to step up and stand tall; to act on behalf of those who suffer; this is what it means to love in tough times. Because love is strong; and courage shows us the way forward.

Right now, there is a storm raging that's hard to ignore. We all feel it. Our clients, who are already in a tender, doubtful place in life, feel it more than most. And, as a nonprofit, we feel it too. And yet, there is hope. There is strength. And it's with renewed confidence that I reach out to you now, our supporting community—asking for your firm and continued support in troubled times.

Knowing that it's God's love that we aim to shine forth, we stand, together with you, in the midst of this storm as a real lighthouse; a beacon lending courage where it is needed. After 32 years of serving our community and caring for women and families facing unplanned pregnancies and its effects, our message has not changed. We stand, like a lighthouse in the storm, on a firm foundation, unwavering. Thank you for being a part of building the strength we have now to stand tall in this uncertain time.

Times have changed and the sources of our funding and support have changed right along with them. We are taking steps to intentionally shift our focus from the fear of falling down or floundering on the rocks, to rising up and putting our eyes on our Maker and Provider. We are choosing to see our situation through the eyes of faith. We are here to extend grace, to show God's love, and to stay true to our vision to serve and change lives.

We are proactively investigating how to reach our clients and their families through greater use of technology. We are embracing the opportunity within the changing environment. We are finding ways to support each other and keep the conversation real with our clients, even as we practice physical distancing and social connecting.

Today, more than ever, we need your help to stay strong and move forward; to lend courage to others in the face of so much fear.

Because circumstances have changed, the community we serve has greater needs than ever. We've found our regular resources shift dramatically. Sadly, we've had to cancel our Easter Production this year and have postponed our Drumheller Banquet. We know that you are also facing challenges and have hard decisions to make. May you have real discernment and wisdom. Without a doubt, in such a time as this, our donation base is all-important to our ongoing commitment to serving women and families in need. Know that as an organization we are doing our part in reducing expenses, and as usual, being good stewards of your resources.

“Everyone is in lockdown, I wasn’t sure that anyone could help me when I tried to reach out. I was so relieved that I could call and

still talk to someone that could help me. Thank you for still being there.”

Women facing unplanned pregnancies require heartfelt counsel, tangible places of refuge, and timely support. They need a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere in which to talk and sort out life decisions; to figure out which way is up and how to move forward. We are asking for your help to help them. They need accurate, life-affirming information to empower them to make informed decisions. They need help to resist fear and panic they may face at the moment. This is true in each community where our centres are located: Red Deer, Olds, Rocky Mountain House, Drumheller; and soon into Stettler. Our light shines bright and we know and trust its source, but the structure of the lighthouse needs ongoing financial and prayer support to continue to offer love, light and grace.

Our staff is working diligently to offer daily, reliable support to alleviate fears and stress and we could not carry on without you. Together, with you, we stand tall and shine bright. Now is not the time to retreat; it is the time to advance. To shore up our structures and strengthen our witness to those in need.

We are part of a growing, dynamic movement; and we thank you in advance for your ongoing encouragement, prayer, support and resources. Truly, we could not do it without YOU.

Courage, my friends, courage.


Anne Waddell

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