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2020 Baby Bottle Campaign

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Thank you to all of you who have responded to our appeals for items and resources during this unique season. Every bit counts and it all leads to creating a big impact for generations to come. How does small change create BIG change? Our annual Baby Bottle Campaign is underway and each year your generous gifts help so many women, men, and families in our community. Your help speaks of unconditional love to those that are in a time of crisis and more than ever need support, education, and unconditional love. BIG CHANGE happens when someone facing an unplanned pregnancy is given the information and courage to make a well informed choice. BIG CHANGE happens when a new dad has access to our 24/7 Dad Program. They can talk to someone who understands and can provide help and support to establish parenting skills and a community of support. BIG CHANGE happens when a scared young woman, who doesn’t feel equipped to raise her unborn child, can access parenting programs, peer support, and unconditional love in a safe, non-judgmental environment. BIG CHANGE happens when a pregnant, single woman has access to live in our Maternity Home and complete our program up until her unborn child is 2 years old.

Your small change means BIG CHANGE for those in need and facing an unplanned pregnancy and it’s effects.

Our staff in our Red Deer, Rocky Mountain House, Olds, and Drumheller locations continue to be present and accessible by phone, text, messaging, and email. We are providing options counselling, parenting programs, and distributing material items, where needed. Our staff are working hard to keep up with the consistent demand from those in crisis and in need of help, counselling, and unconditional love. Our parenting program delivers teaching starting with prenatal and continues on through each age and developmental stage as well as tactics and strategies for dealing with specific behaviors. This program is offered online to individuals, couples, or groups.

Our Drumheller location is excited to host a Virtual Dessert Evening, July 9, 2020. Stay tuned for details!

“From the beginning of this journey of opening a satellite in Drumheller, our desire has been to reach out into our community offering a hand of support when people need it the most. We are very excited to finally be acting on this goal, especially in such a time as this. Since we launched our local services, we have received calls from clients seeking support, we have received donations of baby supplies and even a crib which has already found a home with an expecting mother. It is a privilege to be a conduit of God providing what is needed in the immediate time that the resources and support is called upon. We look forward to how God will continue to provide at our upcoming live online fundraiser on Thursday, July 9. Stay tuned to our social media for more information about this event."

- Jenessa McAuley, Drumheller Centre Director.

The Aerie, our Maternity Home is operating and providing a safe place. Phase 1 is full with a waiting list and Phase 2 has a few spaces waiting for the next residents to be fully ready for this next step towards independence. During this time of uncertainty in the world, we have been fortunate to be able to continue to offer a consistent, stable, nurturing and supportive home for our residents and their children. We even welcomed a new baby this month!

Our new Stettler location is on hold, but still offering support by phone, email, and text.

Your small change means BIG CHANGE to those in need of unconditional love and support. We thank you for your ongoing love, encouragement, prayers, and donations. We cannot do this without you and we need help to close the gap of lost revenue due to having to cancel major fundraising events this year. Being mostly privately funded, we lean on our communities’ generosity to have a BIG impact on those in crisis. Truly, we could not do it without YOU.

Your small change means BIG change:

Thank you, my friends

Anne Waddell

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