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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

No one left UNREACHED,

No one left ALONE,


This is a year to celebrate! Thanks to you, in Such a Time as This we CELEBRATE 31 years serving the community in Central Alberta. 31 years of providing support and education in a Christian environment to individuals impacted by an unplanned pregnancy and its effects. 31 years accessing accurate information to make a well-informed choice and experiencing unconditional love, a reflection of God’s heart, His mercy and grace.

Because - it’s important to take time out to pause, reflect and celebrate. I want to share highlights that speak to the heart of what we’re all about and the impact we are making.

We CELEBRATE receiving the award for 2019 Non-Profit Business of the Year from the Red Deer and District Chamber of Commerce. This award reflects on the generosity and integrity of our community and supporters. It’s a real acknowledgement of the need for our unique programs and services that we offer. It speaks loudly of ALL who have worked, volunteered, and supported the last 31 years.

Personally, I feel the most significant part of receiving this prestigious award is the message it sends to the people we serve. Being largely privately funded, it is a great testimony to the generosity and heart of our community.

When the men and women we serve hear this, it helps them understand that someone cares, that there is a whole community loving and supporting them in practical ways. This can be life changing. It says to an individual, you have value and worth. It helps them feel loved unconditionally, and to see themselves as part of something bigger.

Unconditional love from a community. There’s nothing else like it.

We CELEBRATE a graduate from our Maternity Home! Neisha first came to us when she learned she was pregnant and needed to talk to someone who could help her understand her options and provide her with support and unconditional love. She is now thriving in a new career and she and her daughter have the tools and community to help them for years to come.

We CELEBRATE one of the many stories…At our Fall Fundraising Banquet we also heard from Megan and Zane who are proud parents to one-year old Avery and grateful clients of CAPCC. “I wasn’t supposed to have a baby. I was seventeen. I had my whole life ahead of me. I was just beginning to discover what independence and adulthood felt like. And then... I was slapped in the face by two red lines.” Their client advocate created a safe place for them to learn about their options and make a well-informed choice about their future. Armed with knowledge, a new sense of confidence, and feeling loved regardless of their choice, they took advantage of the programs available through CAPCC. “Our client advocate made it very clear that she believed in me; believed in us and our abilities. She helped us see that we had a lot of supports in our life already if we would only ask and accept them. That was maybe the biggest impact on my decision.” Our ability to help, provide services, and support the men and women who come to CAPCC depends on you. I encourage you to be inspired and see the sense of urgency and opportunity to help today and make a difference for generations to come. Our vision of growth is massive. We are working with future Maternity Home Graduates today that will make an impact on our community for years to come. The tools available for them to succeed depends on us being able to provide the services and support that they need now. We CELEBRATE continued expansion! We recently hired our new Centre Director for our Drumheller location. NO ONE LEFT UNREACHED, NO ONE LEFT ALONE, NO ONE LEFT WITHOUT EXPERIENCING GOD’S HEART in the difficult circumstance of an unplanned pregnancy or after an abortion. In such a time as this, we want to build bridges, not walls around the issue of unplanned pregnancy and abortion. For Such a Time as This. They need your help, they need your support. By giving, you restore hearts to God. Consider a one time donation, becoming a monthly donor or/and consider blessing us with your year end giving. In His Service, Anne Waddell, Executive Director Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre

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