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A Compassionate Christian Response

About Us

The Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre is a Christian charity dedicated to upholding the sanctity of all human life. We help women, their partners, and their families to explore all pregnancy options; giving access to accurate information and the space and time needed to make a well informed decision.

The Centre does not perform, refer, or advocate for abortion. However, we are committed to unconditional acceptance of everyone we serve, regardless of their choices.


“We envision Central Alberta as a community that honors every life through the restoration and transformation of individuals to wholeness.”


“To offer support and education in a loving Christian environment to individuals and families impacted by pregnancy”

The values and beliefs of the Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre are:

  • We believe, as Christians, we are called to support those most vulnerable and in need
  • We believe in and promote healthy pregnancies, deliveries and loving homes
  • We believe each person has the right and responsibility to make well informed decisions about their personal life choices
  • We believe in unconditional acceptance, respect and confidentiality
  • We believe in the power of reconciliation and healing
  • We believe in the sanctity of all human life
  • Our services are available to anyone, regardless of race, religion or values

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