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Dear Friends of CAPCC,

 Abundance is a word we’ve been repeating a lot lately at our office as we settle into our new space in downtown Red Deer and celebrate the greater reach we have into Central Alberta now that Phase Two of our Maternity Home is complete.

Abundance showed up almost 30 years ago in the heart of a group of concerned citizens in Red Deer who wanted meet very pressing needs.  Their vision to offer support to women impacted by an unplanned pregnancy in Central Alberta became a reality and continues to produce fruit.

As a result of that heart to help and serve, abundance has filled the hearts of countless people in the community. 

One of those people is Danielle who courageously shared her story at our Fall Banquet. When she was 20 years old, Danielle was in a bad place.  After struggling in school, in friendships and experiencing the trauma of multiple sexual assaults, she was filled with self-loathing and was bordering on despair.

Someone she trusted took advantage of her when she was in this vulnerable place and she became pregnant. Jaded by a world that seemed only dark and uncaring, Danielle scheduled an abortion. Two days before her appointment, her parents convinced her not to go through with it and she decided to place her baby with a loving couple who were seeking to adopt.

The hurt didn’t end with the pregnancy, and the process of seeing her child become someone else’s child increased the pain. 

That’s when Danielle found us.  She came to us and we walked with her through the Steps to Sexual Healing Program. Within two months counselling at CAPCC, “I experienced more healing than I had in two years,” says Danielle. 

“I can see the abundance of love the Heavenly Father extended to me” through the work of CAPCC.

~ Danielle (Client Tesstimony)

Stories like Danielle’s are the true measure of abundance.  Our clients bravely take steps every day in their journeys from from despair to triumph, from hurt to healing.

Abundance is at work in the volunteers who give their time in so many different ways to ensure our clients can thrive. Abundance lives in the hearts of our donors who give each month so that men, women and children in Central Alberta have access to accurate information to make well informed choices.

Stories of abundance are lived out in the pregnant teen who calls our helpline because she needs advice.  In the post-abortive woman who needs healing from guilt and shame. In the young person who experienced sexual trauma and doesn’t know where to turn.  In the young man about to be a father who needs a role model and wonders how best to help her.

Because of you, stories of abundance are told every day at our offices in Olds, Rocky Mountain House and Red Deer.

This is what abundance has done! We are so thankful that our community has contributed to the abundance actively at work in CAPCC through prayer, volunteering and giving financially. 

We trust and anticipate continued abundance from our Great Provider and from our community as we look to our next 30 years so that we can reach even more lives.

The needs in Central Alberta are so great, but we know that faith and generosity lives abundantly in so many hearts.  And that’s why we humbly ask you to give today.  Your gift of $75, $100 or more will ensure we continue delivering our crucial programs and unique services to women and their families.

In His Service,

Anne Waddell

Executive Director