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“… and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:7)

Dear Friends of CAPCC,

 Like you, I desire to have God’s peace, no matter what my circumstances. I’m always curious to learn how others experience that peace.

In fact, you and I could sit down with a good coffee and spend hours sharing about the circumstances in our lives that had everything but peace.

You would hear me share about my own experiences with childhood depression, addiction, fear and anxiety, broken relationships, sickness, accidents, trauma and the death of loved ones.  Things that many of us have experienced in the journey of life.

I have come to experience God’s peace that transcends all understanding because I can see how He has used every experience to shape me and grow me. I am increasingly confident that it is the will and the plan of God for my life that are perfect, not the circumstances.

Recently I had the opportunity to go on a secluded get-away, and by that I mean no neighbours close by, no electricity, and no running water.  It was so quiet, that I could even hear the wind through the crows’ wings when they flew by as I sat on the deck outside my cabin. 

On this trip, I wanted to test the peace I have been experiencing. I was curious: had I created such a comfortable environment of healthy relationships, finances, healthy habits and spiritual regiments, that, if left with just myself and my own thoughts, would some of the old patterns of anxiety and depression resurface?

You’ve guessed it!  I experienced the same peace.  The peace that is only available from knowing and trusting God was there with me.  What is more, God showed me something.  He let me walk in her shoes….and helped me to understand how His agenda for my life is to share my peace and bring others to experience His peace.

How can the men, women and families that need support, education and the referrals necessary to make well-informed choices have a safe and stable place to live?  How can those who need healing from the impact of a past abortion or from sexual abuse find peace?

“Through my experience, I am able to connect and understand other women who’ve had an abortion.  I have compassion for their pain. My hope is that more women will find the key to healing here at CAPCC, just like I did.”

~ Client Testimony

Just as someone needed to plough the road so that I could access the cabin on my recent retreat, we need to plough the way and give directions to those in need. We can help to direct people to the path of peace!

Although the cabin was secluded, I had access to water, fire and food. The snow was deep and it took great effort to arrive at my place of reflection, but once I arrived there, the reward was a peace that surpassed all understanding.

For me this is a powerful picture that at CAPCC we can provide the basic necessities of unconditional love and hope as we point people to the path of peace.

Through your generous support of CAPCC, you have ploughed many roads, provided resources and pointed the way, so that  hundreds of women, men and families get a glimpse of and experience God’s peace.

Your prayers and continued support is needed for more roads, more resources and more stories of peace.  Our goal is to raise $47,000 towards operations.  Would you consider being a monthly supporter or making a one time donation?

God’s will and plan have been perfect and we have been celebrating His abundance! That’s why with thankful expectation, if you have the means, we ask that you make an extra contribution toward our capital matching grant. We need to raise $100,000 by end of April 2018 to match the initial $500,000.

May the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

In His Service,

Anne Waddell, Executive Director of CAPCC